IES was founded 2009, managed and made up of IDF Elite Forces and the European Secret Services personnel.
Provides unrivaled, specialized approved security brand for a wide range of residential and commercial clients; delivering peace of mind in security service, every time.
IES is living up to its name in regards to effective service delivery – Everything facet of our service, from our training, personnel and service delivery, to our state-of-the-art security operations, we deliver the absolute highest standard out of imagination. IES remain a supreme security provider through taking pro-active, personal and custom approach to every task; this is because we’ll get to detect your security needs and your requirements, and personalized a permanent solution to fit your security needs and budget.
We let you focus on your main business so as you can achieve important goals. We deliver services that exceed your expectations and keep your business on top. IES provides unmatched service, systems, and solutions to secure, care and serve for the both businesses and people in the communities. We keep the relationships with our clients and employees at the heart of everything we do, every passing day. You will feel confident that you have a partner who truly comprehends your aspirations when you partner with us.
Our service specialty comes from combining the right training,personnel, and advanced technology with the prompt responsiveness of local and on-site security management. With a brilliant and receptive customer service team, which make IES builds enduring client relationships.

IES Security

Worldwide Exposure

If you seek Safe Transport Surveillance Security presence on a construction site security, a public building with manned Guarding, private security, special event security, office, schools,building or wish to safeguard your resident or working place with Residential Patrols, Mobile Security,- IES remain a name you can trust for premium Protection, with confidence, steadiness, affordability and true proficiency. We also offer crowd management security for exhibitions, shows, and special events.We allow you to focus on your business’s goals, while our professional security staff with advanced security systems keep in and out of your company safe.

We will start with understanding your precise security needs, then create a personified solution that will not only cater for those needs but also forest all sany security issues. We come out with a customized, proactive security answer that you can trust. Even when changes can be hard in any organization, we will serve you with efficient, smooth and trouble -free security program transition and you will be completely transparent to your customers.

We operate with cautiously screened, highly skilled security officers who are sensitive to your exclusive commercial environment and will provide the security and safety you need with the competence you desire. You choose the style and type of service that expresses the duty of the security personnel at your site. You can select from wide range of our outfits from business to law enforcement, casual to our concierge appearance.

IES security personnel guarantee calm,safety, and public order. Our security service is always on alert to react to a professional style anywhere anytime, in shopping centers, car parks, at sporting events, in town districts, pedestrian lanes, multi-store car parks, on public transport, or on school premises. IES security forces arbitrate where required, and always within the restrictions of the law. Our Personnel are able to diffuse dangerous situations with tactical and psychological strategies

Lastly, we believe in you and will always be here for you, to offer you the confidence and safety to improve your business and your client’s lives, and most importantly, make better societies and a better world. We will consistently concentrate on your success and be there for you wherever and whenever you need us.






Who We Are


We modify our services to suit the exclusive needs of each client. Literally, with our adaptability and flexibility, IES pays attention to every key detail of your security needs. Along with offering a single point of contact, only BHS has the capabilities to offer:


When there is a case of people in danger and no other option than to trust the support of competent, specialized security personnel to assure their personal safety. IES’s specially trained security forces offer exceptional private personal protection, along with personal protection for people in the world economics and politics and even in the entertainment and media sectors. With everyday personal protection, we can provide protection at work, escort to work, on business and personal and business trips, and when on relaxation trips. Personal protection for specified occasions like personal security checks, securing of rooms, access control, transport security and VIP service.


Irrespective of the magnitude or size of your event; at IES, we have the capability and resources to provide complete event security services for all your activities. This will allow for safe and smooth facilitation of your event since even the least and most ignored details of your security issues have been worked out beforehand, well planned and taking care of by our security forces. Management of security at a large at entertainment-oriented event remains one of our strongest expertise. From top fashion shows to music events, we’ve held them all with the supreme expertise, courteousness and premier professionalism. The only honors we want is from our customer for a job well-done.


IES is more than a fast-growing security company; we’re have formed a family security business with a team of security experts committed to ensuring your success and safety by delivering a highly customized level of service that exceeds your expectations.

IES provide deficient transportation security network through trained and experienced forced in executive protection and in intelligent security techniques. Our Security personnel can detect security threat long before guests, visitors, or shoppers. They have enough expertise to diffuse tensions using effective diplomacy and tactics. They respond to difficult security situations swiftly and calmly.



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